Commands your dog may learn:

Sit - dog puts his bottom on the floor and keeps it there.

Down - Dog lies down on the floor and remains there.

Come - Dog comes when you call him.

Let’s Go - Dog follows you on a loose leash in heel position (at your left hand side).

Leave It - Dog breaks off as he is going to investigate something and refocuses on you.

Settle - Dog goes to a designated mat and lies down.

Touch - Dog touches your hand.  This is useful when you want to direct your dog.  Your dog learns to focus on where your hand is going.

Drop - Dog drops whatever is in his mouth.

Wait - Dog waits at doorways for you to invite him through.  Also useful on staircases or anywhere you don’t want the dog to rush past you.

How many of these we get through depends on you and much time you have to practice. The majority of dogs can learn all of these during the courteous canine program.