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Service Dogs

We are proud to offer quality service dog training for the following conditions:

If you have a dog who we determine to be a candidate for service dog work we are happy to offer private training to prepare your dog for his new job.  Some of the qualifications we look for:

If you don’t have a dog we are happy to help you choose a candidate.  Please be aware that, even with training, not all dogs who are trained for work become service dogs.  We cannot anticipate everything that might happen.  If your dog becomes sick, develops behavior issues, or simply cannot handle the stress of training, we cannot offer refunds.  We hope some day to offer these dogs free of charge, but as of right now we are not able to do that.

The cost of service dog training depends on both the condition and how much time you devote to training.  It will also depend on your dog’s abilities.  Please set up a meeting with our trainer to assess your dog.  Not all dogs make good service dogs and we don’t want to waste your time and money trying to train a dog that does not have the personality to do service dog work.

The first step to training is basic obedience.  We accept dogs that have completed their basic obedience through other schools as long as the training meets certain standards.  

Expect to make a substantial investment of both time and money in your service dog.

Our estimated cost for training is between $1,000 and $6,000, and can take up to two years.  

Putting in as much time as possible working with your dog will keep your costs down, so expect to devote an hour or more each day working with your dog.