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Happy Pets, Happy People!


Chances are you got a dog because you wanted a good companion for you and your family. But they don’t typically show up knowing exactly how to fit into our world and our routines. We can help you achieve your goals and give you the life you want with your dog by helping your dog understand what is expected. Imagine a dog who listens to you, plays with his own toys rather than your possessions, who you can take anywhere, and who is a pleasure to be around. This dog can be a reality.

Most dogs are pretty rough around the edges when we first bring them home.

If you are on this site then you know that all too well. Does any of this sound familiar?

Does your dog jump on you, your children, and your guests? Does he tear up your home, pull on the leash, get loose and refuse to come to you, or exhibit other problem behavior?  Do you find yourself constantly having to be on top of your dog making sure he’s not in trouble or cleaning up his messes?

Do you dream of a dog that lays quietly while you are eating, greets your guests with respect, and is just a pleasure to be around all the time?


Our scientific methods facilitate communication between you and your canine companion. We will help him understand the rules, and teach him to follow them EVERY TIME.

We can teach your dog to:

Training for all...

We can give you the dog of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a time for us to meet!

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“Dawn recently helped me to work on some behavioral issues with a dog I adopted… Almost immediately, Lilly responded to Dawn… Lilly showed fast improvement … and is now a great companion! Thank you Dawn!!”
D. F.
Greensboro, NC
“I enrolled 2 of my dogs in obedience classes with Happy Hound Pet Services. My dogs are happy, and so am I. The trainer was patient, very knowledgeable, and it was a rewarding experience. Positive methods….my dogs caught on very quickly and I would recommend her highly!”
S. D.
Greensboro, NC

Happy Pets, Happy People!

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