Located in Rudy, Arkansas
Serving Fort Smith, Van Buren, and surrounding areas


“Dawn gave us some great training tips to help us with our boxer puppy. She was very knowledgeable about dog training, and we feel we are now able to help our dog with behavior issues as they come up.”
L. P.
Martinsville, VA
“I can’t say enough what a great job she did. For the puppy only being less then 8 weeks old she trained him to sit, give you his paw, lay down, leave it, drop it and walk on a loose lead on your left hand side. She did a wonderful job and I would recommend anyone that needs or wants to train their dog or puppy to give her a call. It doesn’t matter if it is just puppy training or a big job of training a adult dog she can do the job. Thank you Dawn for giving Beau such a good start to good behaviors and manners.”
R. T.
Greensboro, NC
“Dawn loves all animals. We truly miss her and sorry to see her move away. She is professional and treats her clients with respect and patience. Dawn is trustworthy and honest. If you need a trainer… she is the go to person to get the job done.”
D. D.
Reidsville, NC
“I hired Dawn to train my dog because her methods are all dog friendly. I had used another trainer, but my dogs were fearful and didn’t enjoy the training. Training with Dawn is the exact opposite! When my dog sees Dawn, he runs to her with a big grin on his face! He loves to train, and he learned FAST!”
L. F.
Mayodan, NC
“I enrolled 2 of my dogs in obedience classes with Happy Hound Pet Services. My dogs are happy, and so am I. The trainer was patient, very knowledgeable, and it was a rewarding experience. Positive methods….my dogs caught on very quickly and I would recommend her highly!”
S. D.
Greensboro, NC
“Dawn recently helped me to work on some behavioral issues with a dog I adopted… Almost immediately, Lilly responded to Dawn… Lilly showed fast improvement … and is now a great companion! Thank you Dawn!!”
D. F.
Greensboro, NC
“I’ve worked with Dawn for a couple of years and have always enjoyed working with her! Her ability to make training understandable and successful have made life much easier for me and my dogs. Thank you Dawn!”
S. S.
Fayetteville, AR
“Dawn was the first person I contacted when we brought home an 8-week old puppy. She provided us specific guidelines to follow at each life stage that would maximize learning opportunities at each developmental stage of the dog. She was clear that these windows were small, but critical. Whenever we had a question, we’d circle back to “Set her up for success.” Thanks to Dawn’s “people training”, we have an incredibly calm, intelligent, well-adjusted and loving adolescent dog!”
S. L.
Kansas City, MO
“Our dog has very unique needs and is completely and utterly a handful. As novice dog parents to a dog that has been at times unmanageable, Dawn had made our lives and his so much happier and healthier. She is a wealth of knowledge, well versed, extremely patient, reliable, compassionate and kind. I’m so thankful we found her!!”
J. H.
Fort Smith, AR