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Settle 104: Extending time

Settle: Extending the Time

PREREQUISITE: Your dog should be approaching and lying down on the mat. You should not be using a cue yet.


  • Clicker
  • Treat pouch
  • Treats
  • Mat


TRAINING ENVIRONMENT: A relatively low distraction environment in your home.


RECOMMENDED TREAT POSITION: Toss the treat to get your dog to move away from the mat.


  • Just like with other behaviors, to extend the time we are going to hold off before we click and treat the behavior.
  • Remember to be random. Keep your dog guessing about when the treat will come.
  • If your dog looks like he’s going to get up, try to click and throw the treat before he/she gets up.
  • Try to increase your time by 10-15 seconds every day.



  • PUPPIES: Work for 2-3 minutes, up to three times a day.
  • DOGS: Work for 5 minutes, three to five times each day.


Your dog should be lying on the mat for at least 15 seconds.



My dog lie down on the mat.

Go back to the last step and practice more. Your dog isn’t ready for this step yet.


My dog gets up before I click.

  • Shorten your time.
  • Try a less distracting environment.
  • You may have worked too long. Short little training sessions are your best bet!