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Sit 106: Increasing Distance

Sit: Increasing Distance

PREREQUISITE: You should be able to turn your back on your dog without him getting up from his sit.

If your dog is not doing this, please do not proceed to the next step.  Go back to the previous lesson on sit and practice some more.


  • Treats
  • Treat pouch
  • Clicker


TRAINING ENVIRONMENT:  Start in the least distracting (most boring) place in your home.


TREAT POSITION:  Return to your dog and treat in place.



  • Put your dog in a sit.
  • Turn your back on your dog and take a step past what you have already achieved.
  • When you get there, click, and return to your dog to treat.
  • Get farther and farther from your dog with every repetition.
  • If you get far enough, step part way through an open door. 
  • Click and return to your dog to treat if your dog stays put.
  • If you got part way through the door, go a little farther. Stay in sight.  Practice this a few times.
  • Step to where you are almost (but not quite) out of sight.  If you have mirrors you can use these to watch your dog to make sure he doesn’t get up.  Click and return to treat.
  • Try stepping out of sight. If your dog doesn’t get up, click and return to treat in position.
  • Once you’re out of sight, start mixing up the amount of time your dog can’t see you. 
  • Always click from your position and return to your dog to treat. 
  • As always, if your dog gets up, go back to your last success and take smaller steps.  Don’t rush the process.

HOMEWORK:   Practice a minimum of ten repetitions, three times each day.


AT THE END OF THIS STEP:  You should be able to turn your back and walk out of the room for a few seconds and return to reward your dog.



My dog got up.

  • You moved too fast.
    • Go back to the point where he was successful and practice.
    • After a few successes, try advancing again, but break down your movement into smaller steps than before.
  • You asked your dog to sit too long.
    • Remember how much time you have built on your stay. Don’t go past that time.
    • Remember to release your dog before he hits his limit!


My dog won’t sit.

  • If you have started removing the treats go back to using them.  We are adding a level of difficulty, so you probably need to pay for it for a little while.
    Wean him from the treats a little slower than before.