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Why does your female dog hump?

Many dogs hump.  It can be embarrassing and concerning.  It’s seems even stranger when it is your female dog doing it.  Here’s a good article about the subject.   Does Your Female Dog Hump?  

Cues: What are they to your dog?

Anyone who has trained dogs in any capacity for more than a few years remembers when we used to refer to the cue as a command. Many don’t see the distinction, but there is one. A cue is a marker that indicates something should happen where a command is a demand for a behavior to […]

The Baby in the Bath Water

If you’ve been around me you know that I bristle at the use of the term “dominance” when explaining a dog’s behavior.  Often I hear dog trainers say that dominance doesn’t exist.  This isn’t exactly accurate.  So why do so many trainers refuse to use the term? There is a theory in some circles of […]

When the Cue Just Won’t Work

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes we train a cue only to find that it later becomes useless. If you train enough, this may have happened to you. But why does it happen, and what can we do to fix it? In dog training sometimes we forget that the immediate consequence of a behavior is what causes […]

But he already knows this!

Every dog trainer hears this.  The frustrated exclamation of a client whose dog isn’t doing as they are told.  About 95% of our clients assert a dog’s knowledge of a cue that he just won’t follow.  They can be both correct and incorrect.  The dog may not understand the cue.  Or the dog may have […]

Cooperation Versus Coercion — Wilde About Dogs

I’d like you to imagine that you are a young, not-yet-verbal child who is entering a foster home. Naturally, you are a nervous about meeting your new foster parents, and wonder what life will be like. You don’t yet know what will be expected of you or how you will be treated. And since you’re […] […]