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Look At the Scary Thing

This activity helps your dog’s brain start reacting differently to things that upset him and will also teach him to look to you when his triggers are around.

Leash Walking 304: Pivoting on a pot

Logout Introducing the Pivot Pot Using a pivot pot can teach your dog how to move their rear end into position. Prerequisite Your dog should be comfortable putting his/her front paws on a platform. Tools Clicker Treats Treat pouch Platform – large enough for your dog’s front feet. Round is best.  I use rubber livestock […]

Loose Leash Walking 301: Greeting a Friendly Stranger

Logout Greeting a Friendly Stranger Help your dog learn to remain calm when you greet someone. Prerequisite Your dog should be comfortable walking next to you on a leash. Your dog should be able to sit on cue. Tools Clicker Treats Treat pouch A friendly stranger who has received instructions in advance. Training Environment A […]


Logout Counterconditioning Pivoting around an obstacle can help your dog learn to keep his rear end tucked. Prerequisite Your dog should be walking next to you relatively well in the training environment. Tools Very high value treats (chicken, cheese, fish, beef, etc) Treat pouch A large training area with a blind in it Training Environment […]