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Introducing the Pivot Pot

Using a pivot pot can teach your dog how to move their rear end into position.

Introducing the Pivot Pot


Your dog should be comfortable putting his/her front paws on a platform.


  • Clicker
  • Treats
  • Treat pouch
  • Platform – large enough for your dog’s front feet. Round is best.  I use rubber livestock feed bowls stacked inside each other, but you can use an inverted water bowl or pot (be careful to keep it on a surface where it won’t slide).

Training Environment

Start in the least distracting (most boring) place in your home.

Recommended Treat Position

Put the treat in your dog’s mouth.


  • Start with your dog’s front feet on the pivot pot.
  • Stand next to your dog (with your dog on the left) and hold a treat directy in front of his nose.
  • Step counter clockwise and keep your hand in the same position in relation to your body. This should cause your dog’s head to turn.
  • If your dog’s back feet move, even the slightest amount, click and treat.
  • Continue to click and treat for any movement.


Work about five minutes at a time and take a break.  Try to get in 2-4 training sessions per day.

At the End of This Step

  • Your dog should be shifting his/her feet around the pot.
  • The pivot may not be smooth yet, and he/she may not be pivoting completely into place, but you should be on your way.


My dog won’t move his/her back legs.

  • Try standing facing your dog and hold the treat directly in front of you as you move. Click and treat for any movement of the back feet.
  • Try taking your dog off the pot and practice luring him/her in a counter clockwise circle to get your dog used to the movement.
  • As a last resort, stand next to your dog and put a little pressure on him/her to get the back legs to move. Don’t push. And if your dog looks at all uncomfortable with your movement, quit immediately.