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Recall 201: Hide and Seek

Recall: Playing Hide and Seek With Your Dog

PREREQUISITE:  Your dog should be coming to you from across a room when you are not in view.


  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Treat Pouch


TRAINING ENVIRONMENT:  Your home with as few distractions present (usually other people or pets) as possible.

RECOMMENDED TREAT POSITION:  Throw a party for your dog when he/she gets to you.
  • If your dog follows you around and you can’t get away from him toss a handful of his kibble on the floor in one room.
    Go into the next room out of sight from your dog and call him/her.
  • Throw a party when he arrives.
  • Do this three times.
  • Now, go farther from your dog. This can be with a room between you or down a hallway.
  • Call your dog.
  • When he/she comes to you, throw a party.
  • Gradually increase the difficulty for your dog.
  • Once he’s finding you when you’re out in the open consider places you might actually hide in your home.
  • If your dog does well with you and you have children, have them start the game from the beginning – they are masters of hide and seek!


  • PUPPIES: Three to five recalls per day.
  • DOGS: At least five recalls a day.
  • A recall is calling your dog and having him/her come to you.


Your dog should be coming to you from anywhere in the house.


My dog won’t come to me.

  • Make it easier by going back to the last step where your dog was successful and work up more slowly.
  • Add more to your party – play with his/her favorite toy, use more delicious food, etc.