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Settle 105: Changing Positions & Locations

Settle: Changing Positions & Location


  • Clicker
  • Treats
  • Treat pouch
  • Mat



TRAINING ENVIRONMENT: Start in a low distraction environment, but you’ll be moving throughout your home as your dog learns.


RECOMMENDED TREAT POSITION: Toss the treats off the mat.



Moving the Mat

  • Show your dog the mat and place it on the floor. He should be going to it and lying down without being prompted.
  • Click and toss a treat so he has to move away from the mat.
  • While he is getting the treat move the mat a few inches.
  • Let him return to the mat and click and toss the treat and move the mat.
  • Move the mat around your home a few inches at a time


Moving yourself in relation to the mat

  • Place the mat on the floor.
  • Turn your body slightly so you are not directly facing the mat.
  • If your dog goes to the mat click and treat after he lies down.
  • If your dog does not go to the mat, make your position a little less pronounced and work up until you are able to stand with the mat at your side.
  • Once he’s doing well with you not facing the mat, begin moving farther away from the mat. Move a few inches at a time – don’t move to fast.
  • Click and treat for downs on the mat.



  • PUPPIES: Five to ten repetitions, two to three times a day
  • DOGS: Do at least ten repetitions, three times each day. .



  • Your dog should be going to the mat in several places around your home.
  • Your dog should be going to the mat even when you’re not standing right at the mat facing it.



My dog lays down in front of me, not on the mat.

  • Practice moving the mat around the room more.
  • Make smaller movements in your relationship to the mat.