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Treat Placement

Treat Placement

You can use your treat delivery to speed up training in a few ways. Our choice of delivery locations depends on our goals.

Treating in place:  Handing the treat to your dog wherever he is.

Treating on the mat:  Placing your dog’s treat in the center of his/her mat.

Tossing a treat:  Toss the treat so your dog can chase it.

Consider the following when delivering treats:

  •  Deliver the treats on a mat to jump start your “go to mat” (settle) cue.  This will also get your dog up.
  • Toss the treats a few feet from your dog if you want to get them up and start the behavior over.
  • Toss the treats behind your dog when you want them to move away from you.  This is useful when teaching come or another exercise where your dog is staying close to you or staring at you and you need them to move away.
  • Slip the treat into your dog’s mouth while they are in whatever position you asked for.  This is good once they know the position and you are trying to teach them to stay while you move around or do something where you want them to stay in position (like opening a door).
  • Treat in the place where your would like your dog to be.  For example when we first start leash work your dog will not walk exactly where you want him/her to.  Treating them in the exact position you want them to be in will force them to move to get the treat.  They will gradually start placing themselves closer and closer to the final position in order to get the treat faster.