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Beating a Dead Zebra – Part 4

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Next on our list:  Modeling.  Modeling is seen in humans when children live through abuse.  The often grow up to be abusers.  Thank goodness our dogs are so often capable of living through horrendous torture and still coming out the other side without any apparent signs.  But as a general rule, violence in a relationship begets more violence.

Even without modeling, increased aggression can take place.  According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior:

Animals in which the punishment does not immediately suppress the behavior may escalate in their efforts to avoid the punishment to the point where they become aggressive. Those
who already show aggressive behavior may exhibit more intense and injurious aggressive behaviors.

What we humans fail to realize is that, when a dog feels threatened it only has a few options.  The first choice is usually to run, but if that doesn’t work they give us a warning growl.  If that doesn’t work, they raise the lip, lunge, and ultimately bite.  Our use of punishment can cause our dog to feel as if they must defend themselves.  Please don’t put your dog in that position.